Scientific classification

Kingdom = Animalia

Phylum = Arthopoda

Class = Insecta

Order = Blattodea

Most common Species in UAE

German Cockroaches = Blatella Germicana

American cockroaches = Periplenatta Americana

Oriental Cockroaches = Blatta Orientalis

Where we found roaches

• Most found in kitchen and bathroom because B.G favor moist habits

• Head height in crevices

• Behind wall

• Picture frame

• Gaps b/t broken tiles

• Around cocking area

Public health significance

There is close link b/t cockroaches and food borne diseases.

Control of Cockroaches by Al jazeerah

Al jazeerah pest control technicians are fully trained, approved, and equipped to control cockroaches in your home or your business. Our team will locate the source of your cockroach issue, identify the species, the causes, harborage areas and entry points, followed by carrying out a safe effective treatment using the best industry control methods and products. To help achieve long term control our technician will highlight likely causes and give you recommendations, such as pest proofing and sanitary improvements. 

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